ClassDojo and the New Classroom

Technology and social media have revolutionized the way we create and collaborate in our communities. The classroom is not an exception. Because parents, who are becoming increasingly more engaged with social media, may not be able to communicate with teachers on a weekly basis, software such as ClassDojo can helpful in filling a communication gap.

As a classroom management tool, ClassDojo has the ability to facilitate communication between teachers, students and parents. Using an avatar, students can create a profile with unique characteristics. Teachers then create goals for each student and are able to track them digitally throughout the day. The software may be used on a mobile device, such as a cellphone or tablet, or through a desktop. The benefit of tracking behaviors digitally, is that reports can quickly be generated and digitally sent to parents. Behaviors or goals that may be tracked can include completing assignments on time, class participation, or obeying directions. An added benefit of CalssDojo is that teachers are able to give students feedback without having to spend a lot of time individually speaking to every student.

Because the app can be used on a mobile device, it carries with it many advantages of mobile technology. One such advantage is the ability to communicate with parents through messaging. If parents also use the app, they are able to track their students regardless of their location.

Technology such as ClassDojo has the possibility of further engaging parents and motivating students to be more involved in the classroom. Harnessing the power of mobile applications, this software will change the way that students are taught.


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