CEO Andy Wirth Moving Forward to Halt Olympic Valley Incorporation

This last winter saw the end of a major conflict between some local residents of the Lake Tahoe Valley area and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Inc. It had been a tough period for the ski resort company who had suffered through a drought in past years, but finally saw an end to that, and the end of a fight to incorporate the valley area into a local township.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, the true motives of the incorporation backers aren’t completely known, but it appears they wanted the final say on the land use and thought it should be overseen locally instead of by the Placer County offices in Auburn, CA. The California Local Agency Formation Commission ruled in favor of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and struck down the incorporation effort much to the relief of CEO Andy Wirth.

Wirth has loved living in the Olympic Valley area and loves the outdoors. With the incorporation battle now out of the way, Wirth has been able to pursue plans to build a gondola to connect some of the slopes’ ski courses and make travel in between them much easier.

He also has plans to start more transportation and commercial development projects to improve services and make the resorts even more hospitable.

Wirth has always been an adventurer and has also started philanthropic organizations in addition to his ski resorts. Several years ago he went sky diving but suffered a severe injury when he landed off target in a vineyard. The incident was an eye-opener for Wirth who lived on to fight another day, but had to get through a tough rehabilitation process.

After getting through his rehab, he started up an ironman team whose goal has been to raise support for the Navy SEAL Foundation, an effort to help returning wounded veterans recuperate and adjust back to civilian life.

Wirth has also been featured on CBS’s Undercover Boss, a TV show in which the boss of a company will go undercover as a regular worker to find out what his employees think about the company, and to find out how they’re being treated by supervisors.

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