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Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Creating Awareness of Prostate Cancer

The most common cancer in men is the prostate cancer. National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA), Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), and LabCorp are collaborating to create alertness of prostate cancer and the advantages of early diagnosis. The main aim is to educate men and increase access to screening. The exercise targets 2000 men read more »

Cassio Audi – The Genius Drummer

Cassio Audi is a mythical heavy metal drummer. His music made the stuff of legends. He was a founder of rock and roll renowned group Viper. They reveled in angst and Rock. Guitars, drums, loud voices, and rage, they had plenty of rage. Like the rest of his band-mates, Cassio listened to heavy metal bands read more »

Avaaz Gives a Voice to Many

Cancer Treatment Centers: treating the body & mind:

A Cancer diagnosis can be quite devastating. However, with improved technology and treatment a patient has a better change of survival if appropriate Cancer treatment is initiated. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides excellent care for those stricken with Cancer. In addition, the center has skilled staff members that provide great emotional support to Cancer read more »

Omar Tunes Wins Award At BFW

Omar Yunes attended the Best Franchisee of The World event that took place in 2015 in Florence, Italy. He served as one of the few representatives from Mexico. The competition is held every single year and is a way for leaders from all across the world to be honored and recognized for their various contributions read more »

EOS Lip Balm: in a Class by Itself

Beauty products have flooded the market for decades. products that nourish skin, protect the lips and improve appearance have always appealed to the public. People will spend a great deal of money on beauty products every year. According to, EOS lip balm is a product that seems to appeal to those interested in keeping read more »

The EOS Cosmetic Line is Based on the Flavorful, Organic Lip Balms

Chapstick and Blistex have been leaders in the lip care industry for decades, but recently they have had to move over for a new lip balm, EOS or Evolution of Smooth. EOS has quietly moved to the number two position in lip balms over the past seven years when the company was founded. Today, EOS read more »

Honey Birdette: Selling Sensuality And An Exceptional Shopping Experience

Honey Birdette, the ladies sensuality boutique from Australia, has major plans for expansion. With a 374 percent increase in online sales from the U.S., the premium lingerie company decided to develop a new e-commerce website for US customers, which will have a larger number of items available and make it easier for customers to return read more »

Honey Birdette Works Hard to Succeed Fast

Honey Birdette was started back in 2006. It was started by two friends who were enjoying a glass of champagne and were tired that they couldn’t find lingerie that was more provocative as well as luxurious accessories for the bedroom. Honey Birdette offers women lingerie that is carefully detailed as well as toys that are read more »

Principal of Diversant

Introduction     When you are talking about the principal of Diversant, what the first person that comes to your mind is John Goullet. To start with, John Goullet by himself is very well conversant with matters to do with IT. He is a professional in the field, and he is an entrepreneur. In this read more »