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Bob Reina: He Is In Control

Bob Reina is a man that is always in control, but he is not a control freak. For a lot of people, that can be very difficult to pull off. For example, people that like to be in control, oftentimes, they don’t know how to give up control to other people or ask for help. read more »

The Other Side Of Jason Hope You Probably Didn’t Know

The name Jason Hope is synonymous with technological innovations and futurism. This may be emphasized by the fact that he is not only a founder and CEO of a successful technology company, Mobile Technology but also that he is probably one of the most vocal commentators of the latest trends in the technology circles. Nonetheless, read more »

Eric Pulier: A Businessman With An Impressive Work History

Eric Pulier is a businessman with an impressive work history. He has started several companies or played a role in finding companies. With that said, here is more information about Pulier, his work history and his charitable efforts. Who Is Eric Pulier Pulier is an American businessman who resides in Los Angeles. Not only is read more »

How to be A Huge Success Like Eric Pulier

Everyone wants to become successful to a certain degree. This concept usually starts out when you’re very young, but for many people, life seems to have other plans. Every person has something they are good at and shouldn’t really try to follow the next man’s successful path. You are your own person, but also can read more »

Appreciating The Achievements Made By Jason Hope Of Scottsdale

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur, successful investor, committed philanthropist and futurist. He has a passion for giving back to the society. Jason loves technology. He is a native of Arizona. Jason is an alumnus of the Arizona State University where he received his degree in finance. In addition, he holds an MBA from the read more »