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Why Whitney Wolfe Declined a $450 Million Buyout

$450 million sounds like a fortune to many people, but not to Whitney Wolfe. She turned down the Match Group’s offer to purchase brainchild Bumble because she is confident that she can lead her company to the pinnacle of success. She has a track record that inspires confidence that indeed she is headed for bigger read more »

Getting Fab with Fabletics

Getting Fab with Fabletics Fabletics has taken the niche market of activewear and taken a revolutionary approach towards the way they market and sell their clothing. By offering fashionable, high-quality outfits that are on trend and comfortable thru a unique monthly subscription, they have demonstrated that they know what people want and they intend to read more »

Discover Lime Crime Today With Their New Hair Color

Lime Crime cosmetics is a brand that you may not have heard about during your search through the beauty aisle in the past, that makes them easy to overlook. However, it is important to forget the limiting constraints of what you find in a grocery aisle and begin to learn about some of the best read more »

The Success of Lime Crime

For a makeup brand that is truly unique from other makeup brands, Lime Crime is a suggested brand that was made with the people in mind and to bring out the beautiful features in every single individual. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere, a businesswoman has has created a brand to be worn not read more »

The Choice Of Hair Color With Lime Crime

Everyone is born with their natural hair color. They can look every bit as good with their personal hair color as they want. However, there are some people that want a different hair color and style. It has very little to do with how they perceive themselves and more to do with self expression. While read more »

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Queen Brings Vibrant Dyes To Her Equine Subject

Are you a mono-horned magical equine of unparalleled magnificence? Do you wish you could bring that incredible self out into the world instead of having to continue your existence with a drab mane? Then wait no more! Lime Crime’s Doe Deere has been working in her magical mane lab for 3 years to produce a read more »

Lime Crime Adds To Their Cosmetic Line With Unicorn Hair Dye

Everyone has seen that rainbow hair look. Vibrant colors that cascade like a waterfall in those lush locks. That is the trend in the beauty world now and so much hype is surrounding it. For three years, Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, worked diligently on making her own hair dye in the same tantalizing read more »

Wengie and Her Life in Drawings

https:/ The video talks about her life, starting when she was a baby that didn’t like to eat. Wengie talks about negotiating with her grandfather for ice cream as much as possible, as her nanny and grandparents looked after her until she was four. Her parents had gone on to Austria to try and build read more »

Fabletics: Data-Driven Fashion

Since the beginning of sportswear and fashion branding, one’s aesthetic has helped get them on the treadmill and enjoy themselves and their image. Kate Hudson is all set to dominate the market with her take on fitness fashion under the name ‘Fabletics’, a service which provides the perfect set of feedback and preference driven sportswear read more »

Reviewing The Achievements Of Don Ressler In Enhancing Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler, having launched a number of successful startups, is among entrepreneurs who have come up with solutions that are helping young professionals to understand the journey of entrepreneurship. He is responsible for the creation of different online stores that have developed and grown to serve several European countries and the American continent. His experience read more »