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Study Shows Podcast Advertising Makes Significant Positive Impact, Confirms Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz, the Chairman and founder of PodcastOne, revealed a recent study that showed Podcast advertising creates a significant impact on the sales of five consumer brands and their products it considered. The first time study for pre- and post-campaign on Podcast advertising conducted by Edison Research, a prominent researcher in Podcast environment, in 2016. read more »

Real Estate Developer Jason Halpern and the Keys to Success

If you live in the New York City or Miami Beach Areas, you may have heard of Jason Halpern or JMH Development. This real estate firm is one of the top full-serviced development in the U.S. JMH is more of a family owned business that specializes in luxury residential and commercial properties. The firm has read more »

How to be A Huge Success Like Eric Pulier

Everyone wants to become successful to a certain degree. This concept usually starts out when you’re very young, but for many people, life seems to have other plans. Every person has something they are good at and shouldn’t really try to follow the next man’s successful path. You are your own person, but also can read more »

Reviewing The Achievements Of Don Ressler In Enhancing Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler, having launched a number of successful startups, is among entrepreneurs who have come up with solutions that are helping young professionals to understand the journey of entrepreneurship. He is responsible for the creation of different online stores that have developed and grown to serve several European countries and the American continent. His experience read more »

Amazing Works of Mark Sparks

Mark Spark is one of the successful entrepreneurs that have had great impact on several startups companies. After graduating from high school in 1975, Mark took the initiative to serve companies with an aim to achieve success. With over 34 years of experience in entrepreneurship, Marc has released an article full of wisdom to help read more »