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Lifeline Screening

There are a lot of people who want to take their health to the next level. Not only that, but they want to try and figure out issues before they actually happen. One of the biggest issues with our current healthcare system is that the cost of care is so high. It is really hard read more »

Eric Lefkofsky Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Eric Lefkosky is American entrepreneur and philanthropist that was born in Detroit Michigan. Eric graduated from the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors. In 1993 Mr Eric completed his masters degree at the University of Michigan Law School when he received his Juris Doctor. Eric Lefkosky in his young but brilliant career has read more »

USHEALTH Group-Yes We can

There is nothing more vital than personal health. Personal health is important primarily because, in its absence, we would face a sudden paralysis that prevents us from carrying out our ordinary activities. Health not only centers on us but also on the people around us. When your child falls ill, you as the parent suffer read more »