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A Review Of A Beautiful EOS Lip Balm Product

EOS has created a lip balm product that is more beautiful than any other out there. This product has a look to it that is all its own and it is something that stands out from the products that are put out by other brands. The Crystal Flavors lip balm from EOS is something that read more »

Not Your Typical Lip Balms

The Best Are you looking for hand and body lotion products, balms, shaving cream or other alternative moisturizing limited-edition sensations for bath and body care? Then look no further, for the answer is here: The Evolution of Smooth beauty products are at your disposal and may be found anywhere around the globe either online or read more »

A New Product Is Born – EOS Start Up

When looking at lip products, you used to find yourself looking at cylinder tubes with limited flavors or even designs to pick from. The joy of using one of these products for lip care just wasn’t around. That’s where EOS comes in to bring color and flavors to the Well beauty product aisle! About a read more »

The Deliciousness of EOS

When it comes to lip balms there is no doubt that you can recall the waxy flavor of traditional brands. Loaded with products that made the lip balm smell like a fruit, it never really accomplished that flavor once applied. EOS which is those round lip balms found in your local stores has definitely worked read more »