Beneficial Beneful Sold At Walmart

Purina Beneful dog food brand is one of the leading sellers in the industry. Beneful Products are available world wide and can be found at almost any store including the Walmart chain. Beneful wet dog food and dry dog food blends are sold for a great price in all Walmart stores. You can buy dry dog food in small or large sizes ranging from 3.5 pound bags all the way up to 40 pounds. The smaller 3 pound bag retails for $5.48. The next size up is the 15.5 pound bag for $13.98 and then the large 31.1 pound for $26.98. The super value extra large size is 40 pounds and costs only $33.98. The bigger you buy the more you tend to save.

Similar to dry dog food blends, Beneful dog food is sold in a variety of sizes and contains many of the same flavors. Those flavors include real chicken, real beef, and even a real salmon with the healthy weight option. They all sell for the same amount. An example is a 10 ounce plastic tubs sold in packs of six for only $10.58 and 12 three ounce cans for only $6.97. BenefulWalmart usually has coupons but none are offered this week.

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