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Successful Female Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Waldren

Non-invasive procedures, like Botox, lasers, and peels, are incredibly popular. However, the only way to significantly change one’s appearance is by surgery. Harpers Bazaar published a listed of the top, quality, most sought after aesthetic surgeons. Of course, Dr. Jennifer Waldren was on that list. A Texas native, Dr. Waldren came from a family familiar read more »

Energy Efficient Lighting

Gooee offers energy efficient LED lighting as part of their planned lighting and energy reduction services. LED lights use less power, produce less wasteful heat and last much longer than traditional incandescent lighting. The US Department of Energy says that LED lights, “. . . use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times read more »

Martin Lustgarten – The Great Investment Individual

Investment banking is a segment that is special in banking operations in helping organizations and individuals provide financial consultancy services, and raise capital to them. Investment banks act as the intermediaries between investors and security issuers and help new firms to go public. They purchase the available shares at an expert-estimated price and resell the read more »

Improving Your search traffic with Reputation Management Fixers

The search engine has changed; tracking rankings have become quite hard. Your traffic might not be as appealing as you might assume. You need to ensure that traffic increases quarter after quarter. To avoid a drop in a particular keyword, ensure you apply the internal linking technique. Internal linking provides the article ranks for long read more »

How Strategic Acquisitions have Enabled IAP Worldwide Services Inc. to Grow

Leading provider of international logistics services, IAP Worldwide Services Inc., recently announced the acquisition of DRS Technologies Inc., an Oklahoma based aviation logistics firm. In addition, the firm also acquired Tactical Communications & Network Solutions. The latter is an Aberdeen-based firm, which provides aircraft repair, mission support, and logistics services. IAP Worldwide Services serves many read more »