Monthly Archives: July 2016

Choosing a Great Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

For decades, Lake Tahoe has been a destination vacation for families around the globe. Home to the 1960s Winter Olympics, awesome lake activities, and some of the best skiing in the West, it can be difficult to choose which ski resort to book your trip to. Some of the best California ski resorts are located read more »

Amazing Works of Mark Sparks

Mark Spark is one of the successful entrepreneurs that have had great impact on several startups companies. After graduating from high school in 1975, Mark took the initiative to serve companies with an aim to achieve success. With over 34 years of experience in entrepreneurship, Marc has released an article full of wisdom to help read more »

Avi Weisfogel Sets Up Operation Smile

A lot of people place value on a great smile. However, not everyone is born with the luxury of having a perfect smile. Therefore, a little surgery is needed in order to help children get the smile that they deserve. There are many children that are born with cleft lip or other deformities in the read more »

JustFab Is The Best Place To Shop This Summer

I was looking for one place where I could do all my shopping for the summer. It is very hard to find places that are going to be most helpful for me, and I wanted to be sure that I was going to get the best results possible for my clothes that I was spending read more »

Wengie Body Care Routine YouTube Video Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie begins her video on body care by explaining that she means to do a lot more in her routine than she actually does on a daily basis. The video has an “expectations vs. reality” format to show the ideal routine and the routine that all non-perfect people, including herself, actually do. read more »