Inmates and Contraband- Cell phones in Prisons Endanger the Public

Previous and recent incidents in correctional facilities around the United States have sparked a need: a need to remove the ability of contraband cellphones to make outgoing or receive incoming calls. One man, Robert Johnson, has firsthand knowledge of how dangerous inmate access to unmonitored calls can be. In 2010, Mr. Johnson was employed by read more »

Looking At What A Team Of Over 20,000 Can Do

It takes a substantial team of people to lead what’s the largest meat processor in the United States. The OSI Group is led by Sheldon Lavin, and here’s a CEO, chairman, and president who’s managing a substantial enterprise. He does so because of the team he has working behind him. There are over 20,000 in read more »

How Much Exactly Has George Soros Gifted His Organization?

George Soros is infamous in the corporate world for his sharp wit and business acumen. In 1992, the dollar billionaire attempted one of the most prominent risks in the business of currency trading. He placed over $10 billion on a bet against one of the most prominent currencies, the British Pound. To the surprise of read more »

Strategies Used by White Shark Media to Improve on its Service Delivery

White Shark Media is a marketing company that offers online solutions to marketing for both medium sized and small businesses. Since its launching, the company has received different feedback from its clients that include both positive and negative. The negative part of it is what has made the company become better as it able to read more »

How Agora Financial Helps Investors Manage Money And Save For Retirement

Many people are very knowledgeable about their careers but when it comes to retirement they don’t know how to invest. They don’t know how to spot market trends, for example. On the other hand they don’t want to hand their money over to a broker who, as everyone knows, only cares about earning a commission read more »

More about David Giertz

David Giertz is a financial advisor and he works with nationwide Investment services. Sir. David L. Giertz popularly known as Dave has been the Senior Vice-President of Nationwide’s Financial Distribution as from the year 2013. He is also a certified business coach with WABC and graduated from Millikin University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. read more »

The attainments of David Samadi and his experience

Lenox Hill Hospital is situated in the city of New York. It is known for its efficiency in its offer of medical services. This follows the availability of a capable leadership in the different departments that the Hospital has. Among such heads is Dr. David Samadi who serves at the institution at the chairmanship position read more »

Reviewing the New EOS Crystal Lip Balm

With the Winter season closing in around us, Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has released yet another product to keep our lips moisturized all season long. Recently they came out with a Crystal Lip Balm that comes in a variety of flavors such as Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchard. The unique egg shape of this product read more »

EOS Is Leading Contender For Lip Balm Flavors and Styles

People who are shopping for chapped lip products have for years relied on Chapstick or Burts Bees. The new style and many shoppers are now interested in another leading brand known as Evolution of Smooth, or EOS for short. EOS has been on the market for a number of years with the various flavors available read more »

Jason Hope- Possibilities of the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is one person who believes in the internet of things. This is a technology that may bring huge changes in the manner in which businesses are run. This is a technology that is sufficient to make significant changes in the lives of the people According to Jason Hope a big believer of the read more »